Rubber Washer Bumper

Rubber Washer Bumper

Rubber washer bumper has its own performance of sealing,dustproof,etc.

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Yiho Polytek Co., Ltd is a leading manufacture and trading company of making custom Rubber Molding Products located in Xiamen China.


As an experienced rubber part manufacturer, we have perfect studying and exploiting mechanism and facilities, and supply high quality products as per customers' requirements. Our main products include Plastic & Rubber components, 

We offer a friendly, speedy and efficient service to companies throughout China and worldwide, from small companies to Multi-National companies with household names.


We are willing to assist with design & technical difficulties; we are unrivalled at providing you with the most efficient and cost effective Metal, plastic and rubber products without compromising on quality.


We aim to offer the most competitive prices whilst still retaining high levels of Quality and Service.


Any inquiry will be replied to within 12 hours, and any delivery of quality products will be shipped on time as agreed.


excellent resistant to oil,widely used in industrial area


excellent resistance to weather and ozone,good resistance to heat,low temperature and chemical


high elasticity,good chemical strength


generally good resistance to ozone,aging,and chemical,good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range


shock resistance,performance well in adhesion and sealing


widest operating temperature range,performance stably in high and low temperature,widely use in food sealing area


excellent resistance to high temperature and a broad range of chemical,permeability and compression set are excellent


thermal stability and oxidation resistance


low permeability rate and good electrical properties


widest operating temperature range,performance stably in high and low temperature,good resistance to oil and fuel


good resistance to mineral to oil,oxygen and ozone

Having been engaged in manufacturing various quality rubber products since 1994, Yiho Polytek is now well-known as one of the leading manufacturers of rubber washer bumper in China. If you are going to buy durable and flexible rubber washer bumper, please feel free to contact our factory, which can also offer you customized service.

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