Custom Buna N Rings Kits

Custom Buna N Rings Kits

Buna n rings kit is one kit which contain various rubber rings size.

Product Details

Material Type of Custom buna n rings kits

It is also called nbr rings kit as well.And do you know anything about it?Let me introduce to you.

NBR ring kit/buna n rings kit 

Temperature range:-25~100℃

1.Oil resistant, water resistance.

2.Good compression slanting, anti-wear and elongation.

Excellent resistant to oil, widely used in industrial area.

There are also different rings kit for more usages.Because customers always seek for houshold,auto parts,kitched,medical,and many.

FKM, FPM, Viton seals ring kit 

Temperature range:-20~250℃

1.Corrosion resistance.

2.High temperature resistance.


Excellent resistance to high temperature and a broad range of chemical, permeability and compression set are excellent.

CR rings kit

Temperature range:-50~150℃

1.Oil resistant, water resistance.


Generally good resistance to ozone, aging and chemical, good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range

Silicone rubber rings kit:

Temperature range:-30~150℃

1. Corrosion resistance.

2. High temperature resistance.

Widest operating temperature range, performance stably in high and low temperature, widely used in food sealing area.

NR, natrual rubber rings kit:

Temperature range:-25~150℃

1.Wear resistance.

2.Heat resistance.

High elasticity, good chemical strength.

HNBR rings kit:

Temperature range:-62~210℃

1.Oil resistant.

2.Temperature resistance.

Thermal stability and oxidation resistance.


Q1: How to check the quality of the rubber rings kit?A: We provide pre-production samples before mass production for all customers if they need.  Quality certs can be provided, such as measurement report, material data sheet, … They all can be done before delivery. Third party inspection is accepted such as SGS, Rohs,Fda or any special testing u need.


Q2: How to select the raw compound for my application?
A: With years of experience working with a variety of material, we can help select the material that will best suit your needs while keeping material costs in mind.


Q3: Do you use any international standards for the rubber products?
A: Yes, we mainly use ISO standard to define the quality of the
rubber materials, tolerances as per ISO3302, or your standard.Jus let us know in advance.

Q4: Can you supply different color materials?

A: Yes, we can produce custom molded rubber and silicone rubber products in different colors, the color code will be required in case of an order.


Q5: What materials are available to produce from your side?
A: NBR, EPDM, SILICONE, VITON (FKM), NEOPRENE (CR), NR, IIR, SBR, ACM, AEM, Fluorosilicone (FVMQ), FFKM, Liquid Silicone, Sponge, etc.

Q6: What other services does
YIHO Rubber offer?
A: YIHO Rubber has in-house tooling capabilities for molds; we have our own lab for material testing; we have a Cold Room used for elastomer storage to prolong product life and rubber material.

Q7: What is the life expectancy of the rubber seal?
A: Product life is contingent upon many factors, including environment, cycles, pressure, etc.YIHO Rubber cannot predict seal life under all the varying conditions of operation. Accelerated life testing may be performed by customer to determine expected life, but must be conducted in dynamic application.


Q8: Does YIHO Rubber provide maintenance on tooling?
A: YIHO Rubber maintains all tooling and will replace as needed.



Having been engaged in manufacturing various quality rubber products since 1994, Yiho Polytek is now well-known as one of the leading manufacturers of custom buna n rings kits in China. If you are going to buy durable and flexible custom buna n rings kits, please feel free to contact our factory, which can also offer you customized service.

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