Square Section Rubber Seal

Square Section Rubber Seal

Square rubber ring is with rectangular shaped,which has better sealing performance than rubber o rings.

Product Details

Rubber seal ring has all kinds of shape due to its usage.Such as X ring,Y ring,U ring,Square ring,etc.Different o ring with differnt corss section can be used to more and more industries.Square seal o ring is one of therm

Why the sealing performance of the square seal ring is better than rubber o rings'?

A, Square seal has excellent resistant to aging,which is slower than other rubber seal ring.

Rubber is different from the other sealing material.When the common rubber rings under the condition of stress, the flexibility will be reduced due to natural aging.Therefore,the service life of rubber rings is limited,which is closely associated with quality of sealing material.The aging speed of Rectangular sealing ring is slow due to the quite small compression quantity after installing.

B, Excellent stability

Square ring won’t distorted after installing due to its own square shape characteristic;

Small compression deformation under compression quantity and fluid pressure change;

Shape change is smaller as well. The sealing ring has excellent cross section of the stability

C, Sealing performance is good

It will cause a large pressure pulse when face seal is O ring shape.The "back to the suction effect". generated.Phenomenon created by pressure between the low voltage side and groove side surface. When pressure shock occurs, the fluid will discharge due to the moving type of O sealing ring. When the pressure is getting down,slight leakage will happen which like "sweat" state. It will not create similar sweating problems while using rectangular seal rings due its own geometric characteristics.

In terms of performance of pressure resistance, the pressure rating of the type O sealing ring is 32 MPa..However rated pressure side of the rectangular sealing ring of 50 MPa.

D, extrusion resistance is strong

Using type O sealing ring, in the impact of frequent or prolonged stress, over time,After impacting caused by stress shock with frequent or prolonged period, there will be a small amount of sealing materials extrusion via cutting from the low voltage side clearance .It is called as "extrusion damaged"Under the same conditions,the same phenomenon won’t happened while using rectangular sealing ring.

E, the sealing pressure is high

Type O sealing ring work under pressure 32 mpa, The one of rectangular sealing ring is 50 mpa. When type O sealing ring used for radial sealing under pressure exceeds 10 mpa,it needs to add baffle ring in the low voltage side,which prevent the damage of extrusion. However,square ring does not need it.

F,Interchangeability between rubber o ring and square o ring

Rectangular sealing ring can be installed In the original groove type O sealing ring.Therefore the interchangeability is good.

Product name

Square section rubber seal




As color card;


Customized size/standard size


30-90 shores A;normal one is 70 shores A;


Agricultural machinery,engineering machinery


PE bag inside,carton box outside


7-30 business days after prepayment or according to the requirement



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